Red Aesthetic: Therapy Benefits

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By RandyYoumans

What You Should Know

Red light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths (Red Aesthetic or near-infrared) to the skin to provide therapeutic benefits. Red light therapy combines two wavelengths of light that have been proven to produce the greatest biological response. This can result in better overall health and well-being, as well as systemic improvements throughout the body. Red light therapy has many benefits. The scientific literature is solid. Although it is primarily used for facial purposes, there are many other uses in holistic medicine. This article will discuss 8 benefits of red light therapy that can be used to improve overall health and well-being.

Red Aesthetic Therapy Lowers Arthritis Symptoms

Red Aesthetic Therapy can reduce arthritis-related joint pain. When we are exposed to UV light, our bodies produce certain proteins. These proteins can negatively impact joints and the surrounding tissue. The activation of these proteins and the cellular degrading they cause can lead to bone deterioration, inflammation, and pain. Red light therapy triggers the production and release of the signalling molecule opsin which is responsible red light therapy’s antiinflammatory effects. Red light therapy and opsin can be combined to provide great relief from arthritis-related joint pain.

Red light therapy improves your sleep

Red light therapy has been shown to improve sleep quality. It has been proven to regulate the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm coordinates a series of events that allows our bodies to function effectively. Our circadian rhythm is regulated by how much light and darkness are allowed. Red light therapy can reset the body’s internal time clock even if used on a daily basis, according to studies.

A study that was conducted on ten insomnia patients showed significant improvements in their sleep quality after only one session. A third study found that 60% of participants experienced a significant improvement in their sleep quality after using a red light therapy lamp for an hour each day for three weeks.

These studies showed a marked improvement in sleep quality and alertness during the day. This also promotes better digestion. Insufficient sleep can lead to poor digestion which can have a negative impact on your overall health.

Red Aesthetic Therapy improves mental health

Red Aesthetic therapy has been proven to improve mental well-being, both in daily life and during stressful situations. It has been shown to increase serotonin levels and dopamine levels.

Psychoiatry research has shown melanopsin release to lift mood and increase self-esteem.

Studies have also shown that bright red light can reduce anxiety, pain, heart rate and heart rate and increase cognition.

When exposed to nighttime sky, our bodies produce melatonin. This hormone regulates our circadian rhythms and sleep cycles. This results in better sleep, which is a benefit for mental well-being.

Red light therapy increases metabolism

Red light therapy can boost metabolism. Red light therapy increases metabolism when the body is deficient in oxygen and nutrients. Red light therapy increases circulation and activates the body’s metabolism. It increases oxygen delivery to muscles, which stimulates muscle movement.

Your muscles will work better and you’ll feel better. In 1991, Dr Joseph Heitman suggested that red light therapy could improve metabolism. This will give your muscles more energy to work and provide more energy for the rest of your day. Chronic pain sufferers will find this especially important as it helps to ease the symptoms.

Red light therapy can also be used to increase insulin sensitivity and improve physical exercise.

Red Aesthetic Therapy has anti-inflammatory properties

This is one the most common benefits of red light therapy. Inflammation is a major reason inflammation can be harmful. It stops the healing process. Cytokine is a group of molecules that cells produce when they are damaged. These cytokines can cause chronic inflammation and damage the immune system. However, cytokines can also damage healthy cells if they are produced in large quantities. Red light therapy decreases inflammation by inducing the production cytokines.

Red light therapy can help improve skin

Skin rejuvenation is perhaps the most well-known benefit of red light therapy. Facial light therapy machines are the most common use of red light therapy devices. Research has shown that red light can make the skin look more youthful over the past decade. This can lead to faster and deeper skin regeneration, less wrinkles, and better elasticity. It can also be used to treat scarring from acne. Red light therapy penetrates below the skin’s surface and helps to soothe and repair tissue. The effectiveness of topical medication such as anti-aging creams or skincare creams can be increased by using red light therapy. This treatment works well when combined with other facial devices or treatments.

Pain relief is possible with red light therapy

Chronic pain can also be treated with red light therapy. In 2015, one of the most important clinical studies on red-light therapy and chronic pain was published. Infrared light therapy can provide relief for chronic pain by improving circulation, decreasing tissue inflammation and reducing tissue stiffness. (Source: 2015 study). Red light therapy may be able to increase the cell signaling pathways that are involved in bone repair, proliferation, and formation.

Red light therapy can improve athletic performance

Red light therapy has another well-known benefit that is often used, which is the improvement in athletic performance. Red light therapy will increase the intensity of an athlete’s performance by increasing the intensity of its red light. RLT decreases oxidative stresses and increases the production of adenosinetriphosphate (ATP). The cells become more energetic, which leads to greater cell proliferation and tissue oxygenation. Red light therapy treatment results in increased muscle strength and fatigue resistance, according to one study. (Source)

It can also speed up muscle healing. Red light therapy stimulated muscles to reduce muscle pain and muscle damage, leading to increased muscle mass and better athletic performance. (Source)


Non-invasive, scientifically supported red light therapy can be used to treat and prevent many diseases. Here are some of the promising health benefits of red-light therapy. Although the mechanisms of red light therapy’s action are still being studied, studies after studies have shown its physiological benefits. There are more than 6,000 papers that have been published on this fascinating modality. Although its full potential is yet to be discovered, it has many treatment applications in medicine as well as dermatology. All evidence points to red light therapy being a promising technology that should be used in clinics.