Tomura “Shigaraki”

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By RandyYoumans

After his master, All For Shigaraki One’s defeat and arrest, he is now the leader of The League of Villains. As one of the U.S.J.’s main antagonists, he made his debut. Arc. As the rest of League members, his goal is to destroy All Might, the “Symbol Of Peace,” and create a new society with a new form justice in his image.

Tomura later changed his goal to destroy the entire society and not restructure it. Soon, he merged his organization with the Meta Liberation Army to create the Paranormal Liberation Front. He was its Grand Commander and later received the All For One Quirk. While he fights for control of his body against All For One while his former master waits to complete it, he is currently fighting for his freedom.

Tomura is slim with pale skin and yellow-tinged teeth. His eyes are also very wrinkled. His lips are uneven and chapped. There is a small mole under his right eye, and visible scars under his right lip. His grayish-blue hair is a mess. The longest clumps reach to his shoulders. He leaves them hanging in unruly waves over his face. His eyes and mouth are often hidden. However, when they are visible, they are stretched out in a maniacal fashion, with his bright red iris very small.

Tenko Shigaraki

who was five years old when he died, had a striking resemblance with Izuku Midoriya. His blue hair was originally dark black and had gray eyes. His lips appeared healthy, despite having dry patches around his eyes. His appearance changed after his Quirk manifested. He had a wrinkled face and his hair color was lighter blue. After the first manifestation, his eyes turned red.

He wears plain red sneakers similar to Izuku’s when he is dressed in civilian clothes. He also wears black pants that expose his ankles and a matching long-sleeved shirt with a v-neck shirt. A plain black jacket with the hood pulled down over his head hides his identity. One of his disembodied hands is kept in his pocket.

The villain costume features fourteen embalmed hands. They are all placed so that they can hold onto him on different parts of his body. These hands were taken from deceased individuals and embalmed in Kyudai Shigaraki. They are a zombie-like greyish-blue color. A golden box was attached to the bases with two holes drilled into it.

Each pair of hands belonged to a person who was killed by Tomura at the time his Quirk first appeared. The one on his neck is his mom’s. On his arms and wrists are his grandmother’s.

His father’s left hand (called “Father”) is the one that keeps Tomura’s face hidden and holds onto it. He accidentally destroyed the right hand, so Kyudai made a new one to hold Tomura’s head. This hand is attached to Tomura’s mother’s pair by two red cords. The hands of all but one were either lost or destroyed and have been thrown away. Tomura is wearing his usual black clothes for the remainder of the outfit. The jacket is not included. Red tennis shoes were once his favorite, but they were later destroyed.

Tomura’s hair grows longer after All For One’s arrest. He now wears a leather hooded coat over his costume. Two additional red cords were added to link the hands of his shoulders with the Shigaraki hands that he has on his chest. Tomura lost his left hand during his fight against Re-Destro. He was left with only his ring, and his pinky fingers. Tomura wore a formal suit under a red coat, similar to Overhaul’s and a temporary leg brace after the Revival Celebration. After unleashing the destructive power of his Decay Quirk’s true strength, his right arm and hand were cut. He wore an orange brace (black as in the anime), fitted with prosthetic fingers to his left hand. As the iconic mask for him, he still has one hand on his head. His hair color changed from light blue to white after his Quirk awoke during the Meta Liberation Army Arc.

Tomura wore a dark-red trench coat and a brace for his left arm during My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. However, he is shown with his original clothes, hair, and outfit (possibly because the anime staff did not have an updated version of his design).

Tomura was wearing a black bodysuit that had many mechanical enhancements, similar to Nine’s, when the heroes attacked the Jaku General Hospital. Once he wakes up from deep sleep, he also wears X-Less’ cape. However, the cape and top of his body suit were destroyed during his battle against Endeavor. As a result, Tomura now has small holes in his Shigaraki fingers. It was also revealed that Tomura lost his thin figure and gained more muscle. His left prosthetic fingers were also replaced by a bio-mechanical device.

His body starts to fall apart after the Paranormal Liberation War. This is due to him overusing All For One with an incompleto body. Cracks and scars can be seen all along his neck and arms, and even down to his stomach. When All For One is in charge, his eyes appear to fade.

His current outfit consists of a black long-sleeve shirt with a longer bottom, black pants and his Shigaraki red Shigaraki shoes. He also wears a cape that looks ragged. His ongoing fusion with All For One has resulted in his acquiring long, flowing white locks.