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Craigslist Connections

Craigslist’s Missed Connection section allows lonely people to share their feelings and not fear of rejection. We looked at posts on the Craigslist San Antonio Craigslist page from Nov. 23 to Dec. 27, and found many different scenarios.

Two motorcyclists were never stopped by a traffic light to exchange their phone numbers. It was too loud for the girl with the knife tattoo to give Paper Tiger her number. Paper Tiger is a popular St. Mary’s Strip venue. It was too late for me to say thank you to the Starbucks stranger in the Starbucks drive-thru queue for the coffee that brought back hope this holiday season.

These are just a few “missed connections”, which were posted to Craigslist over the past few weeks. These posts have been edited to improve grammar and clarity.

Post Craigslist San Antonio

Post by Craigslist San Antonio on December 26th, 2012. Woman riding a motorcycle. After riding down the road together, I had to turn to the right to continue straight. I wanted to ask you for your digits but we didn’t see a light. I would love to have a riding buddy. Please reply if you have read the above.

Target Creekside Christmas Eve, Dec. 25, from New Braunfels: 50-ish woman in a green gown. I was asked by you to help you find a stationary item. As you left, I felt like I saw a smile.

Starbucks, white truck with Woody Guthrie sticker. Posted December 23rd from Fredericksburg. You paid for my drinks and then drove away. This act of kindness was a lightbulb in a difficult holiday season. Thank you for helping me to see the positive side of things!

Big Lots line, December 19, Craigslist San Antonio: We were having a good time, and would love to have you join us. I was holding your stuff.

HEB 410/Bandera posted December 15th from Craigslist San Antonio. We talk here and there when we meet. I’m not sure if anyone is interested in chatting about life or spitballing some tips on how to get through it. Who knows what your name begins with?

Sam’s Club Dezavala car washed (Interstate 10 & Dezavala), Dec. 7, from Craigslist San Antonio. I parked beside you as we vacuumed our cars. We had a few moments of eye contact, but I’m not certain if we were together as a couple. I should have stopped. You were stunning. Simply stunning. It would be a pleasure to hear from your. Please let me know how you feel or what your driving style was. It doesn’t matter what. We would love to get in touch.

Fisher’s Walnut tea and lottery tickets, Nov. 28, New Braunfels: It’s a long shot but I did work in a convenience store during the summer. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you could walk in and get two kinds of tea: a sweet and unsweet. A few lottery tickets were also available online. You could also come in to the store for “free tea Tuesdays”

We had small talks and worked together in the evenings. You mentioned that you planned to make dinner from scratch the last time I saw you. I commented and you said you live in Creekside.

Please reply if you can remember me. You have already left and I was trying to give you my number. Please let me know what you did (if you can remember) and where you live.

Central Market, Nov. 23,Craigslist  San Antonio: Your beard was stunning. We made eye contact a few times and ran into each other in the aisle. It was 11.23 p.m. It was a female with brown hair who was wearing a red flannel top. If you are interested in seeing this, please message me.

I filmed 100 Gecs at Paper Tiger on your 3DS at Paper Tiger. This was posted Nov. 23, from Craigslist  San Antonio. I was standing on the stage, photographing the Current’s 100 Gecs Show. Your 3DS was handed to you, and you shrugged. I filmed One Million Dollars in 3D in all its seizure-inducing glory. Children cheered, and I gave you my DS back, but I didn’t get your contact information. I need to see the video. Sick knife tat on your arm, BTW.