Craigslist Fort Myers: Money scams to be aware

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By RandyYoumans

Craigslist Fort Myers is used all the time by people. However, when you look at the many scams that are posted on the site, it becomes difficult to believe that anything there is legitimate. No matter where you live or how cautious you are, Craigslist business is booming is full of scams that make it almost impossible to find the right person. Some of these scams are very elaborate. There are the usual scams that continue to exist across the country, and people are still losing their money to them. Fort Myers, Florida appears to have more problems than usual with scams related to renting or buying a house. Continue reading to learn more about five recent scams that have hit the area.

Scammer on the Same Old Rental Scam

This scam has been around for so many years and is still being played in so many areas that it is almost impossible to believe that people continue to fall for it. The Fort Myers family was conned of a large amount of money after they responded to a Craigslist advertisement for a rental property. The rest of the story is probably familiar to you. The property was not for rent, and the person who placed the ad didn’t intend to own it. He got them to transfer the money for the deposit, plus some more, but they won’t get the money back.

There are more property scams

This one doesn’t seem to slow down either. One local man was caught for posting an advertisement on Craigslist Fort Myers claiming that the property was up for sale. You probably already know the details. He didn’t actually own the property so he couldn’t sell it. He solicited as much as possible from people to get the money and had it deposited into his Paypal account.

The property scams never seem to stop

Although this is yet another property scam, it does have a twist. It involves an entire company involved in the real-estate business, trying to rent and sell property throughout Fort Myers, Florida. The company isn’t actually there. This is a ruse to make as much money as possible, and then disappear overnight before anyone can catch them.

The Vacation Condo That Wasn’t

Fort Myers seems to be a hotbed for property scams. This particular case involved a woman who was searching for a weekend getaway property for her family. She was on a last-minute trip and didn’t bother to look at Craigslist Fort Myers for condos that could be used the same weekend. Instead, she wired $600 directly to the account on Craigslist Fort Myers, only to find out that the condo was not available for rent and that it was actually owned by another person. This story is a happy one. The condo owner was kind enough to let her and her family stay at the condo for the weekend.

Sick Twist on a Property Scam

This is the most dangerous type of scam you will ever find. This scam targets people who have been through a tragedy. A family who lost their home in a hurricane had thought that they would find new housing by posting on Craigslist. But, they were scammed out of more $2,000. The family was left with no money or a place to live, since FEMA had given them the money to help them find housing. This is a shocking example of people who have no compassion for others.

Fort Myers woman claims Craigslist leads strangers to her house

  • FORT MYERS (Fla.) Craigslist’s mapping tool leads strangers to a Fort Myers home of a woman.
  • Pam Chaplow has had four strangers knock at her door in the past two and half months. They all responded to the Craigslist Fort Myers advertisement, which she realized was one commonality.
  • Chaplow said, “It bothers my.” “This is so irresponsible. There must be some accountability.”
  • One person came to purchase a boat, one to buy a house, and two other people were looking for a 500 bonus and a job.

“The person came to the door and wasn’t happy.”

Chaplow believes that it’s a glitch in the website’s mapping system. She looked under each category and found 348 ads showing her address on the map. One of the ads was personal and sexual.

“I don’t want it at my door.” This is what compromises people’s safety

Craigslist Fort Myers was contacted and she received an e mail. She was instructed to copy the ad and paste it. She tried to explain that there were many Chaplow stated, “I haven’t gotten any good answers from Craigslist Fort Myers.”