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What do I need to start a craft business?

1. Identify a gap in the Market

First, decide what products you want to sell. The things you enjoy making will partly influence your decision on what “craft” to make. It’s important to do market research and find out what your company could sell.

To make your customers more likely to purchase from you, look at your industry. You might be a great soap maker, but there are many other soap makers out there. How will you stand out? Perhaps you could offer soap made from 100% organic ingredients and with special ingredients.

To get a better idea of the current trends, stock up on secondary market research groups such as and Nielsen. You might consider:

Individualized art: Many people love to commission pieces that are tailored to their specific needs. You can sell portraits of customers and their pets, or create art based upon the unique things that your clients love like a book or videogame.

Gift baskets: It can be difficult to find the right gift for someone you care about. Gift baskets that are specifically made for one occasion can help relieve stress and ease the burden on your audience.

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2. Learn more about your audience

There are many options for those who want to start a crafts business. This industry allows you to target different consumer segments and demographics based on what products you sell.

You might target older customers if you sell home accessories like blanket covers and key hooks. You can target a younger audience if you sell handmade friendship bracelets or bath bombs.

Consider who is most likely to fall for your products in order to identify your target market. Your primary customers if you start a small business selling baby blankets may be the parents. You could also target relatives looking for baby shower gifts.

3. Make a business plan

You’ll get distracted by things like choosing the products to sell and identifying your audience when you learn how to sell crafts online. It’s not enough to just get excited about it.

A craft business plan is essential. It is your compass, and will keep you on the right track no matter what happens in your industry.

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4. Crafting is fun

It’s now time for some fun!

This step will help you create a plan of how you want to make your crafts. This process can be started in many ways. You could take online lessons or watch webinars to help you improve your skills. You could, for example, learn how to make jewelry chains or create your own earrings. Try:

Online workshops: You can find many sites like CreativeBug that offer classes in knitting, crocheting, sewing and quilting. YouTube and Facebook may have videos that can help.

Try new ideas. Make a list of your favorite crafting techniques and work from there. Making your own soap might appeal to you. In that case, it may be worth researching the types of ingredients available online. You should invest in the right tools to create amazing ceramics if you are thinking about starting a pottery company.

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