5 Reasons Why Translation Services Are Important for Your Businesses

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By RandyYoumans

If you are a business owner wondering how professional translation services can help you to build a multilingual and multinational customer base, this article is for you!

Over the last few decades, social media has evolved from being a means of virtual communication to a booming business hub. As networking continues to transcend international boundaries, it is now crucial for businesses and companies to go global.

Amidst the saturation and cut-throat competition in every industry, globalization is the one factor that can set your company apart, even from the ones having identical business models. Marketing and advertising are the backbones of successful brand expansion, so it is crucial to employ a reliable translation agency to appeal to the masses effectively across borders, allowing you to communicate successfully with clients and corporate partners.


Building good relations with potential customers can work wonders for your sales, and hiring a translation service for your business is critical for a customer-centric approach.

To expand your business, you need to effectively communicate your agenda and products to customers.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 72.1% of web consumers spend most of their time on websites in their language. Therefore, if your marketing targets different groups of people, it is better to use translation services for a more specific and personalized customer approach.

Instead of a word-by-word translation of the source language, a good translation agency contextualizes your ads per the native references. This guarantees more clicks and sales and helps foster better customer relations.

Over time, with a loyal customer base, your business also benefits from word-of-mouth marketing (also known as buzz marketing), eventually helping it grow further.

Better Communication with Local Authorities And Businesses 

Having a translation agency comes in handy in fostering better relationships with local businesses and regulating authorities. Every place has its own set of laws that you need to work with when setting a business up.

In the long run, having a focal translation agency that can speak the native language and communicate effectively with governing bodies is essential to secure and sustain your brand. They can also represent you in local business councils and the corporate sector paving the way for fruitful business-to-business relationships.

Translation services comprehensively present your ideas to local business giants. Hence, by investing in a good translation agency, you can stay assured of collaborations and investments, which are a must for brand expansion.

Team Expansion 

Finding a competitive and efficient workforce is fundamental to building your brand internationally and having translators can help you get more potential employees to apply for the job.

Hiring a translation agency that only assigns native translators has multiple advantages. As a result of their local knowledge, they will be familiar with cultural aspects.

Secondly, hiring native linguists also sits well with local communities. Over the years, consumer trends have shown that people are more inclined toward supporting businesses that provide job opportunities to their native citizens.

Customers are going local more than ever before. For example, the Institute of Grocery Distribution data suggests that 54% of people prefer purchasing locally produced groceries.

Other than that, hiring locals might make you eligible for financial incentives from the government. Many OECD countries work on creating more job opportunities for their citizens by promising monetary aid to businesses that hire nationals.

Since translation services play a crucial role in global brand marketing, they indirectly help increase your pool of potential local employees.

Increases ROI 

ROI is a comparison between the cost of investment and the monetary profit generated by it. According to a report, companies that invest in a good translation agency have a 1.5 times more chance of increasing total revenue.

Given that many people browse in their native language, websites and landing pages that are translated naturally generate more leads and, consequently, higher revenue. When combined with SEO optimization, translated websites can alone play a huge role in your business’s promotion, stabilization, and digital expansion.

Statistically Backed 

The importance of translation services for business success is statistically backed. Since statistics are essentially a foundation of business decisions, let’s take you through some collected data regarding translation services:

  • According to the Common Sense Advisory, 55% of global web consumers only buy products from websites advertised in their local language.
  • The global translation industry is growing exponentially. In 2019 the language service industry was valued at US $46.9 billion, whereas its worth is expected to rise to US $73.6 billion by 2025.

The growing net worth of the translation service industry shows how more businesses are now drawn toward incorporating different languages in their marketing.

Given the stats, we can say that investing in a good translation agency is a definite way to improve your reach. Considering the chances of higher ROI, diverse business networks, and more investments, it is clear that for businesses, translation services are the way to go.

How To Choose a Translation Agency?

Investing in the right place is a fundamental rule for business success. So now that we know why a translation service is crucial for your business, here’s how to go about choosing a translation agency:

  • Ask them how they have helped brands in the past.
  • Request references, proposals, or case studies.
  • Make sure they don’t just hire people who know the languages. Instead, a good translator must be aware of the intricate details of the various elements that influence a particular language. The translation should always be grammatically correct and culturally accurate.
  • Ensure that they are open to making necessary adjustments according to your brand agenda.
  • They should be SEO-focused for a higher ranking of your website on search engines.

Go Global!

Incorporating different languages in your marketing is the absolute way to ensure the globalization of your business.

Social media has opened an arena of opportunities for brand expansion. With this, the goal should be to target the right and maximum audience for higher sales, better promotion, a loyal customer base, and stabilization of business internationally – all of which are possible through translation services.

So, invest in a compatible and reliable translation agency and get started today!