Here are some tips and tricks to create stunning business cards

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By RandyYoumans

What details should I include?

Stunning Business Cards First, determine the information that your card should contain. This is crucial because there is not enough space to include all of your company’s details.

Modern businesses now have websites, email addresses and fax numbers. Your logo and company name will also be mentioned. Don’t make your designer fight for space.

Make it legal

Don’t reduce the information so much that it becomes difficult to read from the first glance. To make it easier to read online, reduce the font size.

They can become messy when printed. Avoid using calligraphy lettering styles with details. Fonts less than 8pt are not recommended.

Make use of your creative powers

Although you might be following certain design guidelines when making your business cards, you can also use your imagination. Look at some examples of creative designs to inspire you and come up with your own unique graphic design ideas. Your contact information should be presented in a unique manner.

Choose the Right Style

Business cards are usually simple and plain. Some are filled with color. Which one suits your brand’s identity better? Bright colors can be a great way to add a sense of excitement and freshness, but too many colors is not a good idea. It can make space appear cluttered and confusing.

If you are a high-end, sophisticated business or want to impress your clients, a plain, colorless card is the best choice.

Get a QR Code

If you include QR codes in your business card designs, they will be more useful. Your QR Code is a reliable way to add information to the card’s limited space.

To create your codes online, you can use the QR code stunning business cards generator. This code allows you to include all your contact information without making it look cluttered. You can also link your website to other online platforms and print information.

Use Special Finishes

Your free business cards should be high-quality, finished products with great artwork. Give it a professional finish. This will make your card stand out amongst the rest.

This is a great way to send the right signals about you business. Spot-UV, metallic inks and foil blocking are all good options to make a lasting impression.

Make a 3D Effect

The card has a 3D effect that gives it the appearance that text and design have been raised from the surface. This adds elegance and style to the card. This will make your card more real and help people recall your business.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Avoid these common pitfalls. Avoid putting a straight border around the card on all four sides. This could lead to misalignment when trimming your card.

Also, make sure to consult your printer about the bleed area. This will ensure that you don’t design anything in there. Make sure your great business card design is error-free.

The bleed area is usually 3mm. Because printing can be messy and not always accurate, ensure that the content is kept away from the border. Put everything in the middle. This is for practical reasons.

Make Impressive Visuals

The card’s one side is where you will put your primary contact information. You will be able to put lots of text on this side. On the opposite side, you can add impressive visuals that will speak well about your business. This side can be a subtle image. This can be your logo, or anything related to your industry or business.

Use Some Untried Material

As an experiment, different materials are used to make business cards. They are not limited to being printed on paper. You can make your cards stand out with unique graphic designs made of plastic, wood, metal, or slate. This will give them a unique look and spark some interest among the recipients.

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