Personal Trainer Cards for to Inspire You Business

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By RandyYoumans

A Personal Trainer Cards can help you live a healthier life and give structure to your fitness program. The demand for personal trainers is increasing, as well as the number of people who want to enter the field. Your Personal Trainer Cards is key to standing out from the rest.

These are 15 tips to make standout business cards for personal trainers, with examples from the internet.

Add your photo

You want your business to make a good impression on potential clients. By adding your photo, it makes the idea of hiring a personal trainer seem less daunting. Vistaprint can help you make your business cards stand out with professional printing. Vistaprint is the best choice for small businesses because of its low prices and quick turnaround. If you are still not satisfied with your business card design, Vistaprint offers a wide range of templates to choose from or can work with a professional designer.

Get a clear message across

Extra-long business cards are ideal for sharing a specific message. Two options are available to display at the back of the card in the above example. Even with all the text, the card is still clean and well-organized so that it is easy to read.

Make sure to use images wisely

While it is normal to include one or more images in your business card design, in this case the art is in how much space it takes up. This unique way of framing images instantly makes your business card stand out. It also allows you to use more space for your message.

Visualize your goals

Unique images are a great way to communicate your brand message more quickly than using text in marketing materials. This example uses die-cut, foldable flaps to create an interesting image. The bright colors contrast well with the black business card and grab the attention of the crowd.

Use an eye-catching header

Use eye-catching titles to grab your client’s attention. Your target market will respond easily to a question such as “What is your goal in fitness?” It’s important to choose different colors and styles to make your product stand out. However, it is possible to limit your choices by being limited by your budget. Moo offers a guarantee service for their Printfinity program that includes a money back guarantee. You can print a completely different design on each business card. Choose from a wide range of designs, or upload your own design and personalize it using the online tool. Start your business card design with Moo as low as $19.99.

Stickers are a great way to communicate your message

You can also use stickers to add a unique element to your business cards. This encourages potential clients to remove the top layer of the business card to reveal their goal to be fit and healthy. The interactive nature of the business cards makes it easy to visualize your brand message and make it memorable.

Use a font hierarchy with keywords

Personal trainers want their business cards to be as effective and appealing as possible to potential clients who are looking for them online. This idea inspired this example. Anyone looking to hire a personal coach will notice the keywords on the business card. You can also use different font sizes and colors to emphasize certain keywords.

Add texture to your design

Similar to the previous example, it makes use of keywords. If you choose to keep your brand colors, you can add texture to make your business card stand out. Business cards are intended to be held so you can add texture to highlight key messages.

Use a Compelling Title

Effective titles are concise and to the point. To make it easy for the audience to read, they are written in bold, large fonts. You can use your name, or a keyword to clearly explain your brand. The title in this example gives an indication of what potential clients can expect from the training provider.

Get a free session pass

This example illustrates how offering free sessions can help clients keep their cards. While adding value is a great way to make your offer memorable, the quality of your offer can also help you stand apart. Your name and preferred contact details should be large and easily readable.

Keep your layout simple and clean

Your business card should be clean and clear of clutter. This is essential if you want potential clients to understand your message. This example shows that a business card can still be effective even without images or long messaging. The layout should be clean and the typography should match the brand.

Make sure you are specific in your messaging

A specific design should be created to match a particular service. This example illustrates how to make your business card stand out by using images, colors and fonts. Do your research on the psychology behind fonts and choose colors that best support the message you are trying to convey with your brand.

Make Color Work for You

As we have seen, colors can be powerful in messaging. It is important to understand the psychology behind colors and how they affect the emotions and moods of your audience. This example uses blue to represent control, goals, determination, or control.

Use your imagination when creating illustrations

Use illustrations to express your creativity. Do not settle for the standard symbols used by personal trainers. Are you a specialist in a particular sport? You can focus on your specialty and create illustrations that appeal to your target audience. You can make a design that is both unique and interesting by using large drawings.

You can add elements of your logo to the design

Your branding is highlighted on business cards. They should match your marketing materials. To help build a brand, use elements from your logo on your business cards. The example uses the logo shape on both the front and the back of the business card.