How to become an Instagram influencer (and actually make money doing it)

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By RandyYoumans

One of the most popular online platforms to gain fame is Instagram, a photo-focused social media platform that has been owned since 2012 by Facebook. It may seem trivial, but many people are creating full-time businesses and making second incomes using Instagram.

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Let’s now see how to be an Instagram influencer. While you won’t make a lot of money immediately, it is possible to build a following. It can be a lucrative “line of work” if you follow a consistent strategy to increase your profile on the network.

Instagram Influencer Case Studies

Jen Selter, a Los Angeles-based fitness guru, earns as much as $20,000 per post for beauty and nutrition products. Her followers number 11.5 million. Her main source income is from promoting her digital information products, which in this case are a fitness program. She makes approximately $4.5 million annually.

Danielle Bernstein, a personal style blogger, has 1,000,000+ followers. She makes between $5,000 and $15,000 per blog post, with sponsored content from fashion and cosmetics brands such as Lancome.

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Shelcy Joseph, another fashion icon, is smaller in scale. Her sister, Shelcy Joseph, also makes a few thousand a month through her Instagram account. The account is active for five hours per week, with more work on weekends. For a sponsored post, she charges $75 She also receives gifts–free merchandise valued at thousands.

How to Build a Follower on Instagram

How do these Instagrammers manage to make it work?

You can learn how to be an Instagram star by using the tools already on the site. These tools are great for expanding your reach and growing your audience. You must have followers before you can make a dime on Instagram.

Choose a theme for your Instagram account. It could be fitness, fashion, travel, fashion or cute animals. You want to be known for one thing and focus on one niche. This will make it easier for you to attract people.

Let’s now get down to the details.

You’ve probably seen them on social media: they look something like this: WORD. The hashtag should relate to your brand and/or theme.

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Cross-promoting your hashtag should be a priority. This can be done on your blog, your website, and on your Facebook business page.

Be sure to include other hashtags that are relevant to your topic and are popular on the network. Use hashtags to help people search for your content.

Follow other people to get social, especially if they like your photos and cover similar topics to you.

Follow and comment more popular accounts that have many followers, such as those of celebrities. Do not spam (Follow me make well-thought out comments.

Look for popular hashtags related to your topic and get inspired by the latest trends.

Connect your Instagram account to your Twitter and Facebook pages. This allows you to publish an Instagram post simultaneously on all the networks, thereby increasing your visibility.

You can engage with your followers by hosting contests, quizzes (and giving away prizes), as well as asking questions and starting conversations.

There are best practices for your photos and your photo marketing strategy.

Make sure you post photos that fit your overall theme. Be consistent.

Upload good photos. This may seem obvious. This is the best way to be an Instagram influencer. You should make your photos unique, inspiring, funny, well-constructed, and most importantly, not boring.

Post photos regularly. To attract new followers, and to keep the ones you have, you need to provide content. Regular posting is a great way to keep them interested and engaged.

Always caption all photos. Experts recommend that you use no more than 11 hashtags in your captions. Make sure you include any attention-grabbing comments or thoughts about the image. Experts say you shouldn’t use more than 11. Make a compelling story.

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Post at the best time of day. Posting in the morning or late afternoon is best for most audiences. If you have an audience that is in a different time zone, keep this in mind.

To create great photos, you don’t necessarily need a professional camera. You can use your smartphone to take great photos, especially if the filters are used well.