How to create a Business Facebook Page without having a personal Account

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By RandyYoumans

How to create a Business Facebook Page without having a personal Account

Creating a business Facebook page without a personal profile is possible. Many businesses have used Facebook for branding and marketing. However, not all businesses have time to set up a page. Facebook offers businesses a free account which allows you to set up pages. Here are a few of the steps that could be followed to prevent creating the business Facebook page without a personal account.

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First, make sure you have an account. If you already have a personal Facebook account, you do not need one to set up a business page. The process of creating a page is similar to making a personal profile but with a few key differentiators. While a company page is available to everyone however, the personal profile is private and is only accessible by those with permission to access it.

After creating an account through Google+, you will be able to create an account for your company by providing an email address. It’s not well-designed and you will need to do some work before you are able to share it. In addition, you must choose whether or not would like to connect to WhatsApp. Doing so will allow you to put an WhatsApp button on your website and connect individuals directly to your WhatsApp account. Then, you can advertise on Facebook.

Setting up a business Facebook account without personal profile was never an issue before. Facebook offers an option that allows you to separate the personal account of your business. Once you’ve completed the procedure, you’ll be able to login to your business profile and include any details about your company. Verify your email address to confirm that the profile is up and running.

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