Grindr and “BBRT” are two examples of gay hook-up sites.

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By RandyYoumans


BBRT Warning: Some readers may be offended by the graphic content. Online gay hookup sites are like a huge red-light district for gay men. There is ice to trade on every corner, and doors that open to rooms where men inject meth and have sex.

Federal authorities have admitted that they need to pay more attention to online drug activity and allow contact sites like Grindr or BBRTS to operate unregulated.

Jay Morris, 24, is a recovering addict and gay escort trader for the drug. He has called on authorities to close gay hook-up websites until they can enforce greater moderation.

After two years of intense ice treatment, Morris said that these sites must be monitored and closed down.

“The gay scene on ice is out of control. It’s a total free-for-all. It’s possible to see people live on camera shooting.


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